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Regular Pedicure$60.00
Spa Pedicure$70.00

(Includes extended massage, exfoliation of foot and calf)


Regular Manicure$35.00
Spa Manicure$45.00

(Includes extended massage, exfoliation)


REFLEXOLOGY is a natural healing art based on the principal that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body.

Through application of pressure on particular areas of the hands and feet, reflexology serves to relax tension, improve circulation and promote the natural function of the related area of the body.

Foot & Hand Reflexology:

15 minutes$20.00
30 minutes$40.00
60 minutes$60.00


Eye Brow Shaping$20.00
Full Leg$75.00
Half Leg$40.00
Full Leg & Bikini$90.00


Eye Lash$15.00
Eye Brow$10.00


Aromatherapy Facial$100.00

Each facial consists of a relaxing back massage, cleansing, toning, exfoliate, extractions of black heads (if needed) acupressure, massage of the face, neck and shoulders, and while you are in the masque you receive a rejuvenating hand massage.
Then removal of masque, the eye cream, serum and moisturizer will be applied to suit your skin type.
Approx. time: 1 Hour and 30 minutes.

Body Wraps:

Detoxifying Mud Wrap$100.00

(It nourishes and rejuvenates tissues, promotes circulation y increasing the supply of oxygen to and removing the toxins from the skin, thus toning and firming up skin tissues. It heals and soothes most skin conditions)

After the product is applied, you are then warmly cocooned, while your body, mind and spirit is comforted with a stress relieving massage for scalp, neck and feet.
Approx. 1 Hour 30 Minutes.


Relaxation and Deep Pressure massage
30 Minutes$50.00
60 Minutes$90.00
90 Minutes$120.00

(A hands-on full body massage of medium to deep pressure massage.   Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone and promotes total mind and body relaxation.

Note: Prices don’t include gst, travel or gratuities.

and a discount for couples one after the other.

All massage is preformed by a RMT with 2200 hours